Hello good people.
Celebrations are not over yet.
Today we are celebrating the ladies who have graced our blog over the years.
They shared their stories and style and we learnt a lot from them.
Here are their fashion tips:

When in doubt, keep it simple.

Be you and ensure comfort in whatever you wear. 
Also, there is never a limit when it comes to fashion so don’t be scared to try new trends out.

Comfort is King, Timeless is easy on the pockets and staying authentic won’t give you headaches.

Be you. Dare to be outstanding and remember the world is your runway.

Dress appropriately for your age, comfortably, current, and come up with a style that speaks about You.

The covering of the Muslim do not in a way lower their beauty or make the inferior. It is in fact our pride. I cannot imagine myself moving out without my hijab, I feel my identity is lost. Hijab women are still liberated, modern and their beauty is just like the moon, even when covered, it still shines through.

Cheers ladies.


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