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Lace is currently trending. Lace was previously meant for inner garments. Current types of laces range from tops (red lace top), skirts, dresses and shorts.
It is okay to Incorporate lace into your official collection.
Ensure the inner lining of the dress or skirt is slightly shorter than the lace to avoid showing too much skin.
With a variety of colours available, become adventurous and try out both bright and dark themes.
For the tops, wear a black vest or any other colour depending on the colour of the top or a black bra.
Also, play around with different designs.
Pick a well-made lace because poor quality laces tend to tear/ run easily.
Still, you may couple up your lace with other materials like leather.
Those of you who have certain outfit design preferences, have the outfit tailor-made according to your taste.


Green lace skirt.
Black leather and lace full neck vest.

White leather doll shoes.

Photography--Anto and Amara

Location- National museum.

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Wacera Kieha

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